Fridge Cleaning Tips From House Cleaning Experts

Clean Your Fridge the Right Way!

Experts claim that most people are clueless about maintaining their home appliances. A dirty and crowded refrigerator forces the appliance to work even harder to adequately cool the contents, resulting in a higher energy bill. It would be wise to hire a house cleaning service in times like these! Intend to clean your refrigerator on your own thoroughly? Go all out!

Step 1: Gather the supplies.

Get everything you’ll need together before you begin. This is essential for cleaning the refrigerator in one go and saving time. If you don’t have something, you can always find a substitute. You will need baking soda, water, sponges, a microfiber cloth, and a trash bag.

Step 2: Empty the fridge.

To thoroughly wipe the interior and any sticky shelves, you must empty the refrigerator. This is the primary distinction between routine and thorough refrigerator cleaning. Regular cleaning does not require emptying the fridge. Remove everything from your refrigerator, including leftovers, drawers, and shelves. Utilize the recycling bag prudently.

Step 3: Soak shelves and drawers.

After removing the shelves and drawers from the refrigerator, soak them in warm water to eliminate odors and clean the interior. For more thorough cleaning, sponges can also be used. Scrub food residue and spills from surfaces. Using thin micro cloths is one of the best ways to clean the rubber seal of your refrigerator thoroughly.

Step 4: Clean thoroughly.

Mixing baking soda and water is an effective and inexpensive option for deep cleaning a refrigerator. Remember to rub the mixture in a circular motion to eliminate stubborn stains. Upon completion, observe how much cleaner and fresher your refrigerator smells. Put everything in the bag, and you’re done!

Although the refrigerator plays a significant role in daily life, it is frequently ignored. Don’t let yours be! Main House Cleaning Service LLC provides house cleaning services that are thorough and effective, leaving your Greer, SC home cleaner and fresher. Dial (864) 468-9054 immediately to schedule an appointment!

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